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Topical vs subconjunctival application of regenerative factor-rich plasma for chemical eye burns: a comparative study

Márquez de Aracena R

Servicio de OftalmologĂ­a, ClĂ­nica Centro Cid, Hospital FREMAP, Facultad de Medicina, Sevilla, Spain.

We assess the efficacy of subconjunctival and topical application of regenerative factorrich
plasma (RFRP) for chemical eye burns. Fifteen eyes with chemical burns in 15
patients distributed in 3 groups were treated. One group received routine care (control
group), another received routine care plus topical RFRP application, and another
received routine care plus subconjunctival RFRP application. Clinical course and time
until definitive cure. Were analuzed times until a definitive cure and corneal and
conjunctival epithelization in the groups receiving RFRP application (either topical or
subconjunctival) were shorter than the times in the control group. We conclude that
RFRP application, whether topical or subconjunctival, is an effective, uncomplicated, and
economical treatment for eye burns from caustic chemicals.

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