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Triage in Spanish hospitals

Sánchez Bermejo R, Cortés Fadrique C, Rincón Fraile B, Fernández Centeno E, Peña Cueva S, De las Heras Castro EM

Unidad de Urgencias, Hospital General Nuestra Señora del Prado, Toledo, Spain.

The objective to determine what triage systems are being used in Spanish national health
service hospitals and to define the characteristics of the models in place. Cross-sectional
descriptive survey of hospitals with more than 100 beds in the Spanish national health
service. Responses to a questionnaire sent to 123 hospitals were received from 54.5% of
the facilities. The Andorran Triage Model adapted for use as the Spanish Triage System
(ATM-STS) was used in 37.3% of the hospitals. The Manchester Triage System was used in
23.9%. Of the 58 hospitals that use some triage system, 53.4% had not carried out a study
before starting to apply the selected system. The professionals in charge of triage are
nurses in 77.6% of the hospitals and physicians in 6.9%. No triage committee or group
had been established in 53.7% of the hospitals responding to the survey. The degree of
satisfaction with the chosen system expressed on a scale of 1 to 5 was 3.16 for physicians,
3.28 for residents in training, and 3.23 for nurses. Another system would be chosen by
49.2% of the respondents. The difference in the numbers of hospitals using the ATM-STS
and the MTS was not great.

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