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Rapid sequence intubation

Parrilla Ruiz F, Aguilar Cruz I, Cárdenas Cruz D, López Pérez J, Cárdenas Cruz A

Unidad de Urgencias, Hospital de Alta Resolución de Guadix, Granada, Spain, Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos, Hospital de Poniente, El Ejido, Almería, Spain.

Establishing an airway is a stressful, high-risk maneuver for a physician. The rapid
sequence intubation procedure is used to minimize complications, achieve a high
success rate, and reduce stress. The sequence involves the following 7 steps: 1) planning
and preparation, 2) preoxygenation, 3) pretreatment, 4) sedation and neuromuscular
relaxation, 5) protection and positioning, 6) tube placement inside the trachea with
proof, and 7) postintubation management. This review describes the steps and explains
how to carry them out.

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