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Does the Trendelenburg position affect hemodynamics? A systematic review

Ballesteros Peña S, Rodríguez Larrad A

Bilbao SAMUR – Protección Civil, Bilbao, España. Universidad Pública de Navarra. Pamplona, Spain.

To review the literature on use of the Trendelenburg position or variations of it to
determine whether this position has an impact on hemodynamic status. A search
strategy to locate the most relevant indexed articles was developed. Representative
textbooks and manuals on emergency medicine were also consulted. Twenty-two
articles of reasonable quality were selected. The literature on this subject is scant and
studies have considerable design limitations. Fourteen studies question the benefit of the
Trendelenburg position. The review of textbooks and manuals showed great diversity of
therapeutic indications. Current evidence is too inconsistent to allow us to state that the
Trendelenburg position is beneficial in hemodynamically compromised patients.

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