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Experience with regional anesthesia for reduction of shoulder dislocation in the emergency department

Belinchón De Diego E, Belinchón De Diego A, Martínez Alcaraz A, Nogués Tomás S

Área de Urgencias. Hospital Virgen de la Luz. Cuenca, Spain.

Objective: To describe the effective use of the suprascapular nerve block for anesthesiaanalgesia
during reduction of shoulder dislocation in the emergency department.
Cases: We performed suprascapular nerve blocks in the emergency department on 10
patients with glenohumeral dislocation in whom treatment had not been possible under
other techniques for sedation or anesthesia-analgesia. The block was performed
following anatomical reference points. The suprascapular nerve blocks were highly
effective in reducing pain and facilitated a high rate of successful repair of the
glenohumeral dislocations.
Conclusions: The suprascapular nerve block was effective for reduction of shoulder
dislocation and offered numerous advantages over other techniques. It was feasible for
emergency department use.

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