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Encouragement for new research: the awards policy of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES)

Julián Jiménez A

Secretario Científico de SEMES (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias). Servicio de Urgencias. Hospital Virgen de la Salud. Toledo, Spain.

Stimulating new research in our specialty is one of the main objectives of the Spanish
Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES). The association’s policy goes hand
in hand with the promotion and publication of such research through our own
journal, Emergencias, or through other means, such as other biomedical journals,
monographic publications, books, manuals, and conference proceedings. Aware
that emergency physicians should engage in research regularly, the scientific secretary
of SEMES established a series of awards 5 years ago with the aim of promoting
studies and publishing subsequent reports. On the occasion of our association’s
national conference, this paper analyzes the history of the SEMES awards
program from its introduction through the first years of its implementation. We
aim to highlight the work of the emergency physicians whose research has been
recognized during these years, emphasizing that this 2007 initiative of the scientific
secretariat has proven to have been a wise decision.

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