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Cardiotoxin poisoning: analysis of nursing care in a hospital emergency department

Barco Gutiérrez JC, Omar Amengual C, Puiguriguer Ferrando J

Servicio de Urgencias y Unidad de Toxicología. Hospital Universitario Son Espases. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Objective: To analyze the nursing care of patients seeking hospital emergency care for
poisoning due to cardiotoxins.
Methods: Retrospective study of cases of poisoning with cardiotoxins treated in a
tertiary hospital emergency department in 2008. We used quality indicators to assess
care given to patients with acute intoxication (Calitox-2006).
Results: After analyzing 216 cases of poisoning, 107 of which involved cocaine, we
observed lack of compliance with the recording of certain basic clinical data: correct
recording of vital constants, 16%; specification of time between arrival and start of care,
32%; electrocardiogram, 79%.
Conclusions: The active participation of nurses in a toxicology unit allowed our
department to analyze the care provided, detect shortcomings, and set priorities with
regard to aspects that need to be improved.

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